Where's My I.R.A.?

Are we Crashing???

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Fear can be our biggest enemy.



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The Hitch-Hiker's Angel

This is a true story--There ARE angel's among us!


Froggy's World Part Four

The fight for Justice goes on--

Check out these links for the interviews:

Interview 1

Interview 2

This idiot has contradicted himself many times. He murdered my Jonathan.

Lebanon, Missouri--WHAT WILL YOU DO?


World War III

My Newest Hub---Come To Him--He will come to you


Prankpushers.com - Don't Get Mad, Get Revenge!

This is a new site I made--want to get revenge? Just go to Prankpushers.com

Jokes and Pranks and even adding games


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For those of you who like to chat and get your views out--visit my new site:


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Happy Birthday

Today {July 10th} is Jonathan's birthday-we put some balloons up at Mt Rose where he was buried--I ask your prayers that the justice owed to him is served.

If you drive S 5 just take a look to your left passing the cemetary --We miss that little guy.


My Best Stuff!

I'm putting here a list of some of my better writings. I do have many more.
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and Helium.

I think this article is great myself--check it out!!

How to Spot Opportunity


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Here is what I feel is some of my better articles and hubs:

Froggy's World

Froggy's World Part Two

Froggy's World Part Three

Church of Hatred

Does Missouri Support Child Abusers


Wanted for Escape

The guy on the far left is David Olson--wanted for escape after being sentenced at city hall in Lebanon Missouri---also prime suspect in killing Jonathan--my Grandson--the little boy in the picture at his 1 year b-day party.

Olson has long black hair usually in a ponytail--approx 5 11 160 lbs

Please report immediately--Looks as if he tortured Jonathan in a way similar to waterboarding--this loser needs to be put away forever

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This post is to list all the links I have made in memory of my Grandson Jonathan.
He was killed 1 year ago on June 23rd 2007.
Each of these are for his memory--Please pray that Justice will come soon.

Jonathans Place

Jonathans Site

Grandpas Broken Heart

Jonathans Slideshow

Be Aware Of Child Abuse

Please pray--that is all I can ask


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