The Roller Coaster

Man, life feels like a roller coaster.
I am now jobless again. My truck will not make it 37 miles everyday. I almost blew it up the other day.

I am now hunting for employment somewhere around my home of Lebanon, Missouri. Jobs are scarce.

I have also been told that the sign on my truck is hindering me. It has a picture of Jonathan and says WILL LACLEDE COUNTY ALLOW THIS BABIES DEATH TO GO UNPUNISHED?

Oh well, it isn't coming down until they(cops and prosecutors) do something.
I promised Jonathan, and I don't go back on promises.
I ask your prayers and support.


Keeping Up

I want to apologize to anyone following my blog.

There has been so much, yet so little, going on in our lives, that I cannot find the time to write here as much as I would like.

I really meant for this to be a journal of life everyday for me, but people probably would have freaked knowing what we go through daily.

I am waiting for my wife to get home from the Hospital; she had a defibrillator put in yesterday in St. Louis.

Absolutely nothing has been done on Jonathan's case; my 23 month old grandson who was , I feel, murdered. The murderer still walks free 3 years later.

Stay tuned, because the title of this blog is my favorite one and I will use this blog more.

Til then always keep up with my stuff on hubpages.

I know that in time--the Angel's will win.