Wanted for Escape

The guy on the far left is David Olson--wanted for escape after being sentenced at city hall in Lebanon Missouri---also prime suspect in killing Jonathan--my Grandson--the little boy in the picture at his 1 year b-day party.

Olson has long black hair usually in a ponytail--approx 5 11 160 lbs

Please report immediately--Looks as if he tortured Jonathan in a way similar to waterboarding--this loser needs to be put away forever

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This post is to list all the links I have made in memory of my Grandson Jonathan.
He was killed 1 year ago on June 23rd 2007.
Each of these are for his memory--Please pray that Justice will come soon.

Jonathans Place

Jonathans Site

Grandpas Broken Heart

Jonathans Slideshow

Be Aware Of Child Abuse

Please pray--that is all I can ask


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