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This is a very good video with a great message to the people in Iran.

Stand for your rights!

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Why God; Why?

Why God; Why?

This is my newest hub--I haven't been on here for awhile

This is for my Jonathan


I'm A Terrorist??

I'm A Terrorist??

This is my newest hub--watch out--your Government may get you


Grandpa's Mission

I finally did it. I wrote a book.

Here is the front and back covers. It is full color and you can purchase it HERE


Been Awhile

I haven't posted here for awhile. Been very busy with other stuff I have on-line .
Here are some of the sites I have been setting up:

This is a social network I set up:

Visit For Our Children's Future

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Find more videos like this on For Our Children's Future

Would You Be Me?


Praise and Worship

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Check them out and let me know what you think.


In Memory Of Jonathan

I made this video with much emotion. We miss this little boy so much. Please help us with your prayers.
Justice must and should be served but in all this time nothing.

May there be Justice on Earth as there is in Heaven!


To Fight the Devil, You Must Know the Devil

To Fight the Devil, You Must Know the Devil

This is a hub that shows the dangers of meth.